Letter To Your Brother Advising Him To Take Steps To Improve His Health


Letter To Brother Advising Him To Take Steps To Improve His Health | Letter for ssc mts paper 2

You are Chandan/Gita of 28/51-D Sarojni Nagar, Jharkhand. Write a letter to your brother advising him to take steps to improve his health.


Sarojni Nagar


18th April, 2022

My dear brother,

   I am quite well here and hope that you will also be hale and hearty. Yesterday I got a letter from mother and I get to know that you are getting weak day by day. She has expressed great concern about your health. She also told me that you getting ill regularly.

She also complaints that you do not take your food on time. You must try to develop your health. Good health makes the mind sound. If you are weak physically, you will lose interest in the study. So I will advise you to take proper diet daily and do physical exercise regularly to improve your health and mind. You must avoid over work too because it is harmful to health.

  I hope you will be conscious of your health and follow my advise and your health will improve very soon. Good health provides you the joy of happiness.

Yours lovingly


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