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Essay on Right to Privacy & Technological Development

Essay on Right to Privacy & Technological Development :

Introduction :

”Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age.” The above statement signifies the importance of privacy issues in this technology driven era. In today’s world we are highly dependent on internet and information technology for our personal and official activities. Currently more than 825 million people are using internet that shows the high dependency on internet which leads to privacy issues in India. Each member of the society has certain level of privacy which is an intrinsic part of his life and that’s why it should be protected by our government.

  • With the rapid technological advancement we have entered a new would where we can access anything in just a few clicks.
  • We also share a lot of information on social media plateforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • The applications (Apps) we use can access our personal information like our contact details, phone status and our location.
  • But we are not exactly aware how this information is being used by these plateforms and hence there is a great chance of misuse of this data. It can breach our privacy and
  • can cause serious repercussions in the form of cyber attacks, fake news, communal violence, hatred in society and even can be a threat to the internal security of our country.
  • We have also seen the issues related to Aadhar card in 2017 and recently Pagasues issues which is a spyware that leaks the details of the prominent personalities in India.
  • Thus, there is a need to strengthen the privacy of the people by enacting strong data protection laws in India.

Conclusion :

Although the Part 3 of our constitution provides ‘Fundamental Rights’ and Article 21 includes ‘Right to privacy’ and government has enacted Information Technology Act, 2000 but these are not enough with respect to present scenario. People should be aware of the threats involve on the internet and they can use the proper security measures like using antivirus and strong passwords to keep their data safe. Digital literacy programmes should also be organized to aware the people. “As technological development is a boon for our society but on the other hand it can also pose many serious harms to our privacy and personal life.”

Short essay on WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

Introduction :

Social media is a boon for human civilization because it has brought the whole world together at one place where individuals can share their views and ideas and such interactions are beneficial for the people as it helps in increasing social skills. In today’s world, technology has made our life easier because with the help of technology we can learn new things and meet new people all over the world.

  • WhatsApp is one of the most important social applications which plays a major role in our daily life. WhatsApp is facing a lot of criticism for its new privacy policy which says that it may share information of any of its users with Facebook and its partner companies. 
  • Since then there has been a huge rise in the dounloads of its alternative apps including Signal. In response to global criticism, WhatsApp head Will Cathcart explained , with end-to-end encryption, they cannot see the users private chats or calls and neither can Facebook.
  • WhatsApp has also given users time till 8th of February 2021  to accept the new terms and conditions. WhatsApp says it is collecting new information from users device such as Battery level, app version, browser information, mobile network, IP address and phone number etc.
  • It also declares that the data in some cases can be transferred to the USA or other parts where Facebook’s affiliate companies are based.
  • This new update has increased a lot of concern over the privacy of the people that use this application.

Conclusion :

Privacy experts have also criticised this new privacy policy. Indian users are more vulnerable as there is no any data protection law in India. If India had a data protection law, WhatsApp would not have been able to launch this new policy update. The government should also initiate some digital awareness programs to make the public aware of the importance of digital privacy in India.

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