Essay on development at the cost of environment degradetion

Introduction :

“Environment is no one’s property to destroy, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect.” These words of Mohith Agadi reflects the irrational utilization of resources for development  activities without considering the environment. Development is a process that leads to positive change in physical, environmental, economic and social aspects of our life. Day by day the issue of environment is increasing as we are degrading our environment in the name of economic growth.

  • As a result we are facing serious repercussions like climate change, global warming, flood, cyclones and ozone layer depletion etc.
  • According to the world bank report higher level of economic growth imposed Rs 3.75 trillion worth of environment damage cost.
  • Rapid industrialization and urbanization are inevitable to bring economic development, to increase the per capita income and ease of living.
  • But these activities have caused negative environmental consequences such as pollution, disasters, forced migration, imbalanced weather phenomena etc.
  • More urbanization and higher industrial setups are being encroached on the forest land. Now-a-days micro plastics are contaminating the water resources very badly.
  • Subsequent use of private vehicle by each family member had supplemented their contribution to pollution.
  • According to environment performance index released by world economic forum, India ranks 168th out of 180 countries, which was the worst in the south Asian countries.
  • Water scarcity and extreme weather phenomena and the regular occurrence of floods and droughts could further strain the economy which is already reeling under pressure due to Covid-19.
  • Government has taken many initiatives to conserve the environment such as Biological diversity Act, 2002, Project Tiger 1972, World summit on sustainable development, Rio de janerio summit 1992, Project elephant 1992 etc.
  • At ground level, efforts made by people can further succeed these programmes. Moreover there should be the maximum recycling and reuse of water, improvement in energy efficient machines is the most effective measure in industries.

Conclusion :

Balancing economic development and environmental sustainable is the need of the hour, to bring this sustainable development in mainstream, united nations launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Countries must switch their development plans to the sustainable plans. Thus balancing economic development and environment protection requires a refocusing of economic activity not towards producing less but producing differently.

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Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Positive Effects of Coronavirus on Environment

Introduction :

Covid-19 virus has become worldwide disease and almost all nations of the world are facing it. Due to which population of the world is forced to live inside their home. Business activities in the country also affected due to corona virus. As we all know coronavirus has taken life of a lot of people all across the globe. To prevent the spread of COVD-19, governments of different nations are taking multiple steps to control the spread of this virus. As far as our environment is concerned, it is enjoying the positive impact of this virus.

  • Today, when the production of almost everything is slowed down and factories are not as active as they used to be, the emission of smoke is also reduced which has resulted in clear sky.
  • Not only this, the use of vehicles on road is reduced. All this have contributed towards lowered CO2-emissions. The emission of nitrogen dioxide has also reduced.
  • This indicates that air has become more pure and we can breathe in pure air. With the increase in number of flights, not only the air traffic increases but the quality of air also getting worse, but now the scenario is changed.
  • To reduce the risk of coronavirus, companies have asked workers to work from home. This has reduced vehicles on road. In addition to this, the consumption of plastic has also reduced as people no longer have tea or coffee in disposable glasses.

Conclusion :

In this competitive era where we have to follow a hectic schedule, we have never had thought about the way we are treating the environment. However, now due to lockdown we are forced to stay at home, we have ample time to think on our actions. The coronavirus has had catastrophic impacts on mankind however, it has surely given the environment a chance to self-heal and restore its beauty again.

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Essay on Strategy For New India at 75

Introduction :

New India @ 75 is a path breaking initiative which envisions how India should be in her 75th year of Independence and seeks to bring together all stakeholders including the industry, government, institutions, community groups and individuals to translate the vision into a reality. ‘Strategy for New India’ by NITI Aayog replaced five year plans with an aim to accelerate economic growth to 9 to 10% and to achieve UN sustainable development goals. The 41 Chapters under the documents have been merged under four sessions – Drivers, infrastructure, inclusion and governance.

  • India is on its way to celebrate its 75th independence day on 15th August 2022. The past 75 years took India from a poverty stricken, uneducated country to become one of the greatest pioneers in space technology & pharmaceuticals.
  • However, even after 75 years some issues are left out of fixing or are being handled in a careless manner. India is set to become a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025 but its per capita income is among world’s lowest.
  • Half of the population is working in agriculture and allied activities but the income of farmers is extremely low to a point that they are forced to commit suicides.
  • India is 3rd largest economy in the world but its tax to GDP ratio is just half of the OECD countries. In addition to that, Infrastructure will play a huge role.
  • We are in dire need of private railways, Buses with IT enabled services to make our country a truly digital India. Also, India needs to include all its citizens into healthcare services via Ayushman Bharat Scheme, educating them via Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, and provide them shelter via PM Awas Yojna.
  • Moreover, to make the above targets, we need strong and effective governance. The focus is to improve the policy environment so that the contribution of private investors and stakeholders can be diverted to mainstream to achieve the goals set out for new India 2022.
  • Alarming features such as Mining, River valley projects, infrastructure projects, tourism and agriculture are included in this strategy.
  • With all this we have to limit environmental damage, there is an urgent need to conserve non-forest ecosystems such as grassland, wetlands, mountains and deserts.
  • We need to learn from the many alternatives initiatives for food, water, energy etc, which shows the ways to more just and sustainable livelihoods and ways of living.

Conclusion :

Being one of the most populous country of the world, it is a little bit tough but not impossible to change. We need proper utilization of human capital in the direction of all round development of our country. Jan Bhagidari, balanced development, public private partnership lies at the core of the strategy for New India initiative. If the above problems are addressed and vision of ‘strategy for new India @ 75’ is fulfilled, India can truly evolve as a superpower.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Positive Impact of Coronavirus (covid-19) on Environment :

Introduction :

Corona virus has become worldwide disease and all nations of the world are facing it. Due to which population of the world is forced to live inside their home. Business activities in the country also affected due to corona virus. As we all know coronavirus has taken life of a lot of people all across the globe. To prevent the spread of COVD-19, governments of different nations are taking multiple steps to control the spread of this virus.

  • As far as our environment is concerned, it is enjoying the positive impact of this virus.
  • Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the air around us had been deemed very toxic to breathe in due to the amount of greenhouse gases that had been emitted over the centuries.
  • The Earth faced rising temperatures, which in turn led to the melting of glaciers and rising of sea levels. Environmental degradation was happening fast due to the depletion of resources such as air, water and soil. But after the coronavirus lockdown commenced, there have been slight changes in the environment. 
  • After the lockdown was put in place in many countries, there was lesser travelling done by people, whether it be by their own cars, or by trains and flights.
  • Even industries were closed down and not allowed to function. This in turn led to the pollution in the air dropping significantly, as there was a marked decline in nitrous oxide emission.
  • Again where fish is concerned, the lockdown has seen a decline in fishing, which means that the fish biomass will increase after over-fishing almost depleted it.
  • Apart from that, animals have been spotted moving about freely where once they would not dare to go. Even sea turtles have been spotted returning to areas they once avoided to lay their eggs, all due to the lack human interference.
  • Today, when the production of almost everything is on halt and factories are no longer as active as they used to be, the emission of smoke has lessened which has resulted in clear sky.
  • Not only this, the use of vehicles on road is reduced. All this have contributed towards lowered CO2-emissions. The emission of nitrogen dioxide has also reduced.
  • Plants are growing better because there is cleaner air and water, and because yet again there is no human interference.
  • With everything at a standstill, plants are allowed to thrive and grow and produce more coverage and oxygen.
  • Less litter also means lesser clogging of river systems, which is good in the long run for the environment.
  • To combat coronavirus, companies have asked workers to work from home.
  • This has reduced vehicles on road. In addition to this, the consumption of plastic has also reduced as people no longer have tea or coffee in disposable glasses. 

Conclusion :

In this competitive era where we have to follow a hectic schedule, we have never had thought about the way we are treating the environment. However, now due to lockdown we are forced to stay at home, we have ample time to think on our actions. There is no denying the fact that coronavirus has had catastrophic impacts on mankind. However, it has surely given the environment a chance to self-heal and restore its beauty.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Save Water – Saving the future generations

Introduction :

Water is the primary requirement for all the living beings. Human beings and all other animals cannot survive for a day without water. Plants also need water in order to grow and survive as well. Water is used in cleaning our clothes and utensils, wash, cultivating crops, cooking food items, and many other activities. We know that almost three-fourths part of the earth is water but all this water is not suitable for use, only 2% of those water is usable and so it is very necessary to save water. 

  • With the increasing population the water available is inadequate to meet the needs of the people. When summer is quite severe a large reservoir of water shrinks to a pool.
  • Both human beings and animals suffer for want of water. If it rains it rains and rains and there is a flood. The cultivated crops under deep water rot and perish.
  • There are two extremes in India. The nation goes without water or there is heavy rain resulting in flood. Wastage of water needs to be controlled. 
  • We should identify the water wastage facts and try to save water as much as possible. Currently, the biggest problem related to global warming is a huge water depreciation on Earth.
  • This is mainly caused due to misuse of water happening at various places. In the current scenario, it is important to understand the formula for the conversation of water and thereby save water.
  • Because pure water resources are the primary sources for all our necessities. And when it becomes depreciated, it can lead to huge catastrophic conditions for human beings. 
  • There are many regions in the world that are facing extreme water scarcity due to decline of groundwater and scanty rainfalls. Also, in some areas, the groundwater is contaminated or it has been overused.
  • Thus, these factors have to lead to drought situations and in these areas it has lead to water scarcity. Furthermore, urbanization and industrialization have added to the problems where groundwater has been overused to fulfill the increasing demands of the population.
  • According to the WHO report, 1 out of people does not have access to safe drinking water. Seeing this, the water crisis in the future does seem inevitable.

Conclusion :

Also, it calls for an immediate action plan in order to conserve water so that precious resource can be saved for today as well for future generations. The ground water tables in most cities are falling at alarming rate. Another factor is water leakage. Delhi loses at least 30 per cent of its water due to leakages and Mumbai loses about 20 per cent of its water due to leakage. People who live in those areas where there is plenty of water available should understand the value of water and thus save water. People should understand the importance of water and thus wastage of water should be controlled.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Short Essay on Plastic ban in english for students :

Introduction :

Plastic, polymeric material that has the capability of being molded or shaped by the application of heat and pressure. Plastic Bags are used for various purposes. The most common use of these bags is to carry grocery items. These are easily available in the market and thus used extensively. However, disposing these bags is a big issue as these are non-biodegradable.

  • They have become a major cause of land pollution. Used plastic bags stay in the environment for years and contribute to land and water pollution.
  • Many countries have replaced plastic bags with paper bags or reusable cloth bags. The government of India has also banned the use of plastic bags in many states however the same has never been implemented properly.
  • We must understand that these have been banned for our good. Plastic bags cause health problems in human beings as well as animals.
  • Waste food and vegetable and fruit peels are usually thrown away in plastic bags. Animals often gulp pieces of plastic while having food. This causes various diseases in them.
  • The chemicals present in plastic bags contaminate the soil. They make the soil infertile and hinder the growth of plants.

Conclusion :

The government has put a ban on the use of plastic bags in many states of India but people continue to use these as these are still available in the market. The government must take strict measures to ensure these are not used. Thus, plastic bags are ruining our beautiful environment and have become a threat to our health. It is high time we must stop the use of plastic bags. This will go a long way in keeping our environment clean.

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Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Long essay on Plastic Ban for students

Introduction :

Plastic, polymeric material that has the capability of being molded or shaped by the application of heat and pressure. Plastic Bags are used for various purposes. The most common use of these bags is to carry grocery items. These are easily available in the market and thus used extensively. However, disposing these bags is a big issue as these are non-biodegradable. They have become a major cause of land pollution. Used plastic bags stay in the environment for years and contribute to land and water pollution.

  • Many countries have replaced plastic bags with paper bags or reusable cloth bags. The government of India has also banned the use of plastic bags in many states however the same has never been implemented properly.
  • We must understand that these have been banned for our good. Plastic bags cause health problems in human beings as well as animals.
  • Waste food and vegetable and fruit peels are usually thrown away in plastic bags. Animals often gulp pieces of plastic while having food. This causes various diseases in them.
  • The chemicals present in plastic bags contaminate the soil. They make the soil infertile and hinder the growth of plants. Plastic bags have become the main cause of land pollution today.
  • The plastic bags entering into the water bodies are a major cause of water pollution. Hence we can conclude that these are deteriorating our environment in every possible way.
  • The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals. These are the main cause of serious illness. The polluted environment is a major reason for various diseases which are spreading easily in human beings.
  • Waste plastic bags are the main reason for trapping the drains and sewers, especially during rains. This can result in a flood-like situation and disrupt the normal life of people.
  • The government has put a ban on the use of plastic bags in many states of India but people continue to use these as these are still available in the market.
  • The government must take strict measures to ensure these are not used. Thus, plastic bags are ruining our beautiful environment and have become a threat to our health.
  • Although the Indian government has imposed a ban on the usage of plastic bags in many states. But people are still carrying these bags.

Conclusion :

Shopkeepers stop providing plastic bags for few days only in the beginning. It is time when we all must contribute our bit to make this ban a success. Thus we the educated lot of society must take it as our responsibility to stop using plastic bags. In this way, we can support the government in this campaign. It is high time we must stop the use of plastic bags. This will go a long way in keeping our environment clean.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Short Essay on Plastic pollution in english 250 words : 

Introduction :

Plastic is used for various purposes. The most common use of it is to carry grocery items in the form of bags. These are easily available in the market and thus used extensively. However, disposing these bags is a big issue as these are non-biodegradable. Plastic stay in the environment for years and contribute to land and water pollution. This is the reason why many countries have banned the use of plastic in the form of bags. These countries have replaced plastic bags with paper bags or reusable cloth bags.

  • The government of India has also banned the use of plastic bags in many states. We must understand that these have been banned for our good.
  • Every individual must take it has his responsibility to stop the use of plastic to make our environment cleaner. Plastic cause health problems in human beings as well as animals.
  • Waste food and vegetable and fruit peels are usually thrown away in plastic bags. Animals often gulp pieces of plastic while having food. This causes various diseases and illnesses in them.
  • Likewise, the marine creatures also tend to mistake the plastic pieces for food and eat them. People who have sea food can get infected if they have fishes suffering from illness.
  • The chemicals present in plastic bags contaminate the soil. They make the soil infertile and hinder the growth of plants. Plastic bags are mostly made of polypropylene which is produced from petroleum and natural gas.
  • These are both non-renewable fossil fuels and their extraction creates greenhouse gases that are the leading cause of global warming.

Conclusion :

The government has put a ban on the use of plastic bags in many states of India but people continue to use these as these are still available in the market. The government must take strict measures to ensure these are not used. Plastic is ruining our beautiful environment and have become a threat to our health. It is high time we must stop the use of plastic. It is not that difficult to keep a cloth bag with us while going the market. This will go a long way in keeping our environment clean.

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Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Long Essay on Plastic pollution in english in 400 words

Introduction :

Plastic pollution has become a major threat to our environment in today’s times and it is likely to make things worse in future.  Plastic pollution is damaging our environment rapidly. Waste plastic material is hard to dispose and contributes to major pollution on earth. This has become a cause of global concern. The increasing use of plastic bags, utensils and furniture, the amount of plastic waste has also gone up and so has the plastic pollution.

  • Plastic waste is entering the water bodies such as rivers, seas and even oceans and is polluting our water drastically. This water is then supplied at our places.
  • No matter how much we filter this water it can never get back to its pure form. The government of India has also banned the use of plastic bags in many states however the same has never been implemented properly.
  • Plastic bags cause health problems in human beings as well as animals. Waste food and vegetable and fruit peels are usually thrown away in plastic bags.
  • Animals often gulp pieces of plastic while having food. This causes various diseases in them. The government has put a ban on the use of plastic bags in many states of India but people continue to use these as these are still available in the market.
  • Plastic Pollution is affecting the whole earth, including mankind, wildlife and aquatic life. It is spreading like a disease. We all must realize the harmful impact it has on our lives so as to avoid it as soon as possible.
  • Plastic pollutes our water. Each year, tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean. As plastic does not dissolve, it remains in the water thereby hampering its purity. This means we won’t be left with clean water in the coming years.
  • We must take major steps to prevent it. We must use alternatives like cloth bags and paper bags instead of using plastic bags. If we are purchasing plastic, we must reuse it.

Conclusion :

We must avoid drinking bottled water which contributes largely to plastic pollution these days. The government must also take strict measures to ensure these are not used. It is of utmost importance to spread awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste on our environment.  This can be done by way of television and radio and social media. This should help people understand the seriousness of the issue.

Disaster Management – Best Way The Protect Ourselves

Introduction :

Disaster refers to any occurrence that can cause damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life or deterioration of health & health services. Disaster management is a constant phenomenon of mitigating the impact of the disaster. Disaster management requires collected and coordinated efforts. A number of activities need to be undertaken in the event of disaster to reduce its intensity at the certain extent. The process of disaster management include coordination, command and control, arrangement for drinking water and food material, sanitation and maintenance of law and order.

  • The most vulnerable section in these disasters are the poor. Disaster management occupies an important place in this country’s policy framework as it is the poor and the under-privileged who are worst affected on account of calamities or disasters.
  • It is the need of the hour that it is necessary to mobilize them towards preparedness for any emergency. Quick and timely response is essential in providing immediate relief and rescue operations, to save human lives as soon as possible.
  • Each year, India faces a number of disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, cyclones, droughts and more. When we look at the man-made disasters, India suffered the Bhopal Gas Tragedy as well as the plague in Gujarat.
  • To stop these incidents from happening again, we need to strengthen our disaster management techniques to prevent destructive damage.
  • Most importantly, one must understand that disaster management does not necessarily eliminate the threat completely but it decreases the impact of the disaster. It focuses on formulating specific plans to do so.
  • The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in India is responsible for monitoring the disasters of the country. This organization runs a number of programs to mitigate the risks and increase the responsiveness.
  • Proper disaster management can be done when we make the citizens aware of the precautionary measures to take when they face emergency situations.
  • For instance, everyone must know we should hide under a bed or table whenever there is an earthquake. Thus, the NDMA needs to take more organized efforts to decrease the damage that disasters are causing.

Conclusion :

If all the citizens learn the basic ways to save themselves and if the government takes more responsive measures, we can surely save a lot of life and vegetation. India has set up many departments and organizations for disaster management. These Include National Disaster Management Authority, National Remote Sensing Centre, Central Water Commission, etc. Disaster management has great importance in recent times. To handle any unforeseen situation efficiently, we need to be well-equipped with latest technologies. It cannot avoid the outbreak of disaster, but can mitigate its impact to a large extent.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Clean India Movement – A step towards cleanliness

Introduction :

The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi had said that, “Sanitation is more important than Independence” during his time before the independence of India. He was well aware of the bad and unclean situation of the India. He had emphasized the people of India a lot about the cleanliness and sanitation as well as its implementation in the daily lives. After many years of independence of India, a most effective campaign of cleanliness is launched to call people for their active participation and complete the mission of cleanliness. For ensuring hygiene, waste management and sanitation across the nation a Swachh Bharat Mission is launched.

  • In order to fulfill the vision of Mahatma Gandhi and make India an ideal country all over the world, the Prime Minister of India has initiated a campaign called Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (2nd of October 2014).
  • People can make India clean in a number of ways. First of all, carrying a small poly-bag is a must. Most noteworthy, a recycled paper bag is the best.
  • Indians must certainly use it to throw trash in dustbins. Indians probably throw trash on the street because they dislike carrying it.
  • However, a recycled paper bag makes it easier to carry waste. Hence, Indians can carry this bag to the dustbin for waste disposal.
  • Segregating wastes is also very important. It is something which many Indians ignore. Most noteworthy, the segregation of waste at home should be in 3 separate bins.
  • These 3 bins are Biodegradable, Recyclable and Others. The waste management department should help in implementing this system.
  • Another notable way to clean India is the compost pit. Compost pit helps in the preparation of compost. To create compost pit at home, some items are required.
  • These items are kitchen wastes, leaves, grass, etc. Consequently, the microorganisms convert this organic matter into compost. Through this campaign the government of India would solve the sanitation problems by enhancing the waste management techniques.
  • Clean India movement is completely associated with the economic strength of the country. Community cleanliness drive is yet another brilliant way of making India clean.
  • It has a psychological benefit. This is because it is easier to do a thing when others are doing it. The birth date of the Mahatma Gandhi is targeted in both, the launch and completion of the mission.

Conclusion :

The basic goals behind launching the Swachh Bharat Mission are to make the country full of sanitation facilities as well as eliminate all the unhealthy practices of people in daily routines. Clean India would bring more tourists and enhance its economic condition. The Prime Minister of India has requested to every Indian to devote their 100 hours per year for the cleanliness in India which is very sufficient to make this country a clean country by 2019.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Making India Clean & Healthy

Introduction :

Mahatma Gandhi had said before the independence of India that, “Sanitation is more important than Independence”. He was well aware of the bad and unclean situation of the India. He had emphasized the people a lot about the cleanliness. To fulfil his dream Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiated by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on 2nd of October in 2014 on the 145th birth anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi. Its primary goal is to make India open defecation-free by October 2, 2019, through the construction of at least 12 crore toilets across rural and urban households.

  • As of February 1, 2019, the government claims 9.2 crore toilets built in rural areas. Based on toilet construction, the govt has declared 28 states and UTs as Open Defecation Free.
  • But independent surveys show open defecation continues even in areas that the government has declared Open Defecation Free.
  • It is also found that 23% of people who own a toilet continue to defecate in the open, including people in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, which have been declared open defecation- free states. 
  • The Mission’s objectives also include creating sustainable solid and liquid waste management systems, promoting social inclusion by improving sanitation for women and marginalized communities, and eradicating manual scavenging.
  • Side by side of the main Swachh Bharat Mission, the Indian government also launched the Clean India: Clean Schools campaign.
  • The aim of the campaign was to ensure separate toilets for boys and girls in schools, appropriate sanitary facilities for menstruating students, hand washing station that can cater to at least 10 students at the same time, availability of soaps etc.
  • Our school has all the sanitation equipment necessary to facilitate Clean India, Clean Schools campaign. We have hygienically secure toilets with handwashing facilities.
  • Our female classmates feel comfortable coming to school because of the measures taken to make the girls’ toilet modern and friendly. Our teachers make it a point to emphasise the benefits of personal hygiene.

Conclusion :

In its National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey 2017-18 (NARSS), the government claimed 77% rural households had access to toilets, of which 93.4% used them regularly. It also claimed 95.6% of the surveyed villages that had been declared ODF were indeed free of open defecation. In urban areas, the government’s target was to build 67 lakh urban toilets by October 2019. It claims it has already built 60 lakh household toilets by October 2018.

Development at the cost of environment degradetion Vs Delhi Pollution – Growing Issue In India

Introduction : 

Pollution is one of the major issues causing concern not only in India but across the world. Delhi, the national capital of the country, is being tagged as one of the most heavily polluted capital cities in the world. It is the world’s worst city in terms of air pollution, with an unhealthy air quality index for the majority of the year. Thus, today, one of the biggest threats to the welfare of the people of Delhi. There has been a huge rise in the vehicular population, in spite of the metro railways, aggravating traffic congestion and increasing air and noise pollution. 

  • There has also been a number of diesel vehicles plying on the roads, which are largely responsible for the air pollution. Citizens need to start the public transport more and more to reduce the pollution level in the city.
  • Government has ensured to increase the no. of buses and auto-rickshaws in the capital as well. Stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana in northwest India has been cited as a major cause of air pollution in Delhi
  • Particulate matter (PM) is basically a mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets like acids, chemicals, gas, water, metals, soil dust particles, etc. the measurement of which gives an idea of the pollution of a city.
  • There are mobile enforcement teams deployed at various locations for monitoring polluting vehicles. Citizens need to avoid all kinds of contact near construction sites.
  • These sites release gases which makes the air very harmful for eyes and for the respiratory system. The above measures are known by many of us yet the level of national capital remains at 11th in the ranking of WHO for the most polluted cities.
  • The practicing of the above measures is the need for hour and to live happier days with our loved one is we all demand. I whole heartedly appeal to every citizen to take steps to make pollution free capital, a pollution free India.

Conclusion :

 With a view to reducing vehicular pollution, there has been a ban imposed on the plying of more than 15 years old commercial or transport vehicles. Steps are taken to transform garbage into compost by developing new sanitary land-fill sites. It’s not that the Government is not taking steps to control pollution in Delhi, But we need proper and efficient implementation of plans and programmes and policies launched by the Government to make it successful.

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